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Dúchas - Lankill NS Entries 1939

Our school contributed a really large amount of stories to the Folklore Commission in 1939 - a total of 500 in all. Below we have added direct links to some of topics covered. by five pupil collectors who collected the stories and wrote the essays.

Teacher: Seán ó Cibhíl

Collector:  Maureen Nolan 

Index of Stories 

1, Pot of Gold

2. A Strange Fire

3. A Fairy Horse

4, Gruel for a Dead Man

5. The Dead Woman's Cloak

6. A Fairy Fair 

7. Fairy and Cake

8. Fighting the Devil

9. St. Patrick Feeds the Multitude

10. Riddles

11. Borrowing a Churn

12. Churning Blood

13. The Jealous Witch

14. A Strange Horse

15. God Bless Us

16. Damned for Weights and Measures 

17. Postman Against the Dead

18. Taken by the Fairies

19. Evidence in Court

20. Searching for Fools

21. The Big Wind 

22. A School Day in 1938

23. A School Day in 1876

24. Games at School in 1938

25. Games at School in 1876

26. Proverbs (101 proverbs)

27. Local Sayings 

28. Dean Swift and his Servant

29. Knappabeg

30. Stealing Trees 

31, Fairies Take a Cow

32. Marrying the King's Daughter

Above is just a flavour of the many, many essays submitted by Lankill National School in 1939. There are over 500 in total covering every aspect of local folklore, customs and beliefs. They make for fascinating reading and deserve to be perused. 

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